Same warp, different tweed

The commission I was working on in my last post is back from the mill after a shampoo and blow dry. As well as the blue/black herringbone, I tried a couple of other weft (horizontal ends of yarn) colours – purple and pink – on the same warp (vertical ends of yarn). Below is a picture of all three tweeds:

When I took those tweeds up to the mill to be washed, I bought some more of the pink I’d used and made a wee tweed of plain pink.  No pictures of it finished as it’s currently at the mill, but here’s one of it on the loom.

I was speaking to another weaver about how different tweeds can look if you change the warp and weft colours over and she’d recently woven an 8×8 herringbone of grey warp and black weft, so I decided to experiment and I’m currently weaving a 12×12 herringbone of black warp and grey weft.

Tying in the new beam meant I was tying black to pink and it’s quite striking as you can see in the picture below. I’m quite curious as to how a pink/black herringbone would look so it might be one I do in the future as a sample.

2 thoughts on “Same warp, different tweed

  1. FANNY

    Hello Rebecca,
    I see you work on “ARTE GEO tv” and I love it!

    My name is Fanny, I live in Belgium, i make clothes for me and my familie,

    I want to buy tweeds for a coat, it’s possible by you?

    Thank you for you answer;

    sorry for my engels, I speak only French!, but I try!


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Fanny, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the film! It’s certainly possible to buy some tweed! It’s probably best if you email me as I don’t have automatic international shipping in my shop!

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